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Energy consulting

Offers the service package in energetic (primarily consulting) that are aimed on the system enhancement of energy efficiency and promotion of a reliable energy supply of enterprises of any scale and sectoral affiliation.

During the years of our activity we successfully realized more than 500 energy projects for 265 enterprises and organizations.

Our customers are the largest economies of state and industrial sectors and namely:

-         Enterprises of fuel and energy complex and oil and gas industry;

-         Enterprises of light and food industry;

-         Enterprises of basic industry;

-         Objects of the military-industrial complex

-         Government agencies of the Ministry of Education, Health, Internal Affairs;

-         Institutions of social sphere, construction and housing and utilities infrastructures;

-         Agricultural objects

-         Other sectors.

The activity on this direction is realized on the base of call-center that enables to provide wide and intensive coverage of a target audience.

Main directions of activity

-         Services in energy survey conduction/ energy audit with processing of energy performance certificate, the report of survey and the energy-saving program in accordance with the Federal law ¹ 261 «On energy saving»;

-         Project works for engineering objects;

-         Instrumental survey of energy system of any complexity (including quality assessment of electrical power in accordance with National State Standard 13109-97)

-         Other consulting in energetic

o   Development of heat supply schemes in accordance with the Federal law ¹ 154;

o   Recommendations for the choice of the optimal price category of energy payment;

o   Calculation and inspection of the economically proved expenses and earnings that form rates on production, transfer of thermal and electrical energy;

o   Receiving of a treaty for technical connection with technical provisions including help in implementation of the technical provisions;

o   Development and introduction of the energy management system in the frames of the Standard ISO 50001;

o   Technical-economical reasoning of projects in energetic primarily energy-efficient;

o   Development of Energy performance contracts for realization of the concrete energy-efficient projects (payment of a contract at the expenses of economy of payment for energy resources);

§  and also


o   Construction, reconstruction of engineering systems; implementation of its maintenance service (including high-voltage equipment);

o   Implementation of energy-efficient projects, in some cases on the energy service contract principles.



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