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Financial/ tax audit

The company «OLIMP» conducts independent accountancy and financial reporting control for companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Our company meets all requirements of the Russian legislation that are demanded from the audit organizations. We are member of non-profit partnership «Audit Association Community» and are in the Audit and audit organizations register (¹ 11206049185).

Today in our company work highly qualified specialists and specifically 6 attested auditors that have certificates of the Russian Ministry of Finance. They can promote range of services from express-audit (with duration of 1-2 days) to the full revision of an enterprise and confirmation of the accounting reports reliability.

Our clients

-         Sizeable industrial and town-forming enterprises

-         Wholesale businesses

-         Building companies

-         Energy companies

-         Other medium business enterprises

The list of services provided in the frames of financial audit:

-         Audit service/ maintenance - range of services of information of the clients about changes in accountancy, law legislation that are connected to the activity of a concrete client no less than once a month.

-         Compulsive audit of accountancy – promotion of independent revision of accountancy and financial reporting of an organization. The aim of an audit is examination and analysis of the accounting reports reliability and the form of accountancy maintenance in accordance with the Russian legislation.

-         Voluntary audit – is made on the initiative of directorship of an organization, its shareholders or owners. The aim of such examination is to uncover the shortcomings of accountancy maintenance, enhancement of its efficiency and working-out recommendations for optimization.

-         Express-audit (or focused audit) – enables to receive the real information about the situation in the company within the shortest time possible. This audit is especially essential before the annual accountancy presentation (or before the beginning of the tax examination).

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